Young Pakistani Kid Bowls Fast

Pakistani Cricketer played a sensational innings in Dubai cricket stadium when Pakistan lost all hopes and they needed 66 runs on just 36 balls. The spectators of Sri Lanka cricket team were really happy as they were seeing their win in Dubai cricket stadium. Shahid Afridi got out after making quick 45 runs but he was the last hope of Pakistan against Sri Lanka.

Pakistani cricketer had played matches before but he was not known to anybody that he could hit huge boundaries when needed. Shahid Afridi also got some hits going but he could not finish off the innings and was out when his score was 45 runs in Dubai cricket stadium. Sri Lanka players were celebrating his innings that they had won the match after his dismissal.

Cricket fans in Dubai cricket stadium were really happy when they had watched Shahid Afridi striking huge boundaries but after his dismissal the Pakistani fans got really worried and they almost lost their heart. Anwar Ali was the next batsman who was sent there to play some shots as Pakistan needed almost double the score off the balls.

Pakistani cricketer was there to go after every ball and he got really succeeded in it when all the bowlers of Sri Lanka were smashed by him. He only played nineteen balls but he score 46 runs on those balls. Sri Lanka bowlers did not have any clue how to stop him as he took the game away from them. Sri Lanka main bowler was also smashed for six in the second last over.

After watching Pakistani cricketer hitting huge boundaries, cricket fans got their breath back and they started to encourage and clap for the victory of Pakistan. Dubai cricket stadium was full of noise with every shot that was played by Anwar Ali.

7 Years Old Pakistani Kid

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