Young Cricketer Makes 50 off 17 Balls

Young Cricketer reminded the innings of Shahid Afridi when he scored a quick fifty in the domestic cricket tournament. Shahid Afridi played such innings at international level but the young man did it in the domestic cricket cup. Umer Gull was also bowling to him but the batsman did not spare him.He hit him two huge boundaries in the last over of the domestic cricket tournament.

Young Cricketer was not known to anybody not even to the selectors but with this fine fifty he was known to everyone. Musadiq Hussain played an amazing innings in the domestic cricket tournament. He was impressed by the all rounder Shahid Afridi who was not selected for the upcoming tour.

He was really excited about his performance as cricket fans related his innings go the all rounder famous Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi on the other hand was very happy to see players coming in the domestic cricket tournaments. He said that such events should be held so that new talent could come up at the higher level.

Young Cricketer was chasing the score when he had to go out in the middle. He had to score more than the balls left to win the match for his team in the domestic competition. Recent performance of him in the domestic cricket tournament raised his skills and he improved a lot for the future endeavors.

Batting of young Cricketer in the domestic competition was not less impressive to another hitter of the domestic player. Other hitter also played like Shahid Afridi and was selected in the national team but then was omitted due to his bowling action. Shahid Afridi wished him for his future innings. The celebration of the new comer in the match was amazing and all the other players came in the ground to appreciate his effort.

Musadiq 50 on 17 Balls

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