Young Cricketer Comes Up with Quick 50

Young cricketer came up with a quick 50 on just 17 balls. He forced the selectors to think about him getting him in the national team. After the exit of Shahid Afridi, Pakistan team certainly was lacking in the field of hard hitting batsmen. Right hand batsman hit sixes and boundaries. He hit those boundaries  off the bowling of very good bowling attack. Bowling Attack included the international bowler Umer Gul.

Young Cricketer of the Pakistan domestic competition was known to the public and the whole world when he played similar sorts of innings as Shahid Afridi played. Shahid Afridi however made such fifties in the one day international matches. This batsman score quick fifty on just 17 balls in the domestic twenty over format.

Selectors were really impressed by his talent but they said that such one innings in the domestic competition would not make him available for the selection. Selectors said that he had to go perform well in the other formats of the domestic competitions as well. The recent performance of him made him stand among the top players of the domestic cricket.

Young Cricketer said he never thought that he would play just like Shahid Afridi. He said that he wanted to win the game for his team and never thought of any record. This was the second quick fifty of the domestic competition. Shahid Afridi also appreciated the effort of the new player. He asked him to play with ease and continuous performance would make him get selected for the national side.

Innings of Young Cricketer was also liked by the cricket fans in the stadium despite of the fact that it was a match of the domestic competition. Shahid Afridi has been the reason for all the cricket fans to come and watch cricket in the stadium. Commentators were also talking about his quick fifty that was need for the sake of win.

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