World Record of 2 wickets on 1 ball

World Record of 2 wickets on 1 ball was made by the bowler of New Zealand cricket. The bowler himself did not know that he was able to in fact get the wickets of both the batsmen but one of them had to go to the pavilion. The umpire also got confused by the bowler of New Zealand. The bowler bowled a ball to the batsman and the non striker was also out of his crease.

World record could not be registered in the gunnies book since officially the umpire could send only one batsman to the pavilion. The incident took place in the cricket match that was in New Zealand. The bowler himself did not believe that. He bowled a ball to the batsman who tried the play the ball with this bat.

The ball got big after touching the boot of the batsman and then the bowler of the New Zealand cricket team caught the ball and ran the non striker out. The non striker batsman was out of his crease and did not expect that the bowler could run him out. The bowler threw the ball and hit the stumps. The appeal was made to the umpire who asked the third umpire to view the decision.

Such world record of taking 2 wickets on 1 ball was not possible as the visuals showed that the bowler in fact caught the ball and then ran the batsman out who was at non striking end. The video showed that the before running the non striking player out the batsman who played the cricket showed was caught with any bounce.

That world record of 2 wickets on the same ball was not held and the batsman was given out by the third umpire. All the umpires were from New Zealand since that county match was being officiated and watched in New Zealand.

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