World Gets Surprised by Strange Creature

World Gets Surprised by Strange Creature. Sahir Lodhi made Reema Khan feel ashamed when she was invited in the morning show program as a guest. She had good relations with the host who has been very popular in the viewers for his bold and funny remarks. The recent scene of the morning show was disliked by the viewers and was reported to the electronic media regulatory authority.

Sahir Lodhi hugged her in the live morning show when he was telling some incident about the female guest Reema Khan. The viewers did not expect such act and felt really ashamed along with Reema Khan. After hugging her live in the morning show he started to explain the act. Reema Khan started smiling at the act of the host of the morning show.

Reema Khan said that the act of hugging of the host of the morning show could have become an issue if she was single and was not married. She said that she was a married lady otherwise she might have not liked it. Such scenes have been shared on the social media due to the unethical acts of the guest and the host of the morning show.

Sahir Lodhi came to the screen as the host of the morning show after his sister became quite famous. Shaista Lodhi was another female host who has been hired by many entertainment channels for their rating as the female host. Her brother was also introduced as the host of the morning show.

Sahir Lodhi was criticized for such act many viewers but some of them blamed the owner of the morning show program who did not set code of conduct for airing the content of it. This was not the first incident of doing bad acts in the morning show rather there were other scenes too that were reported by the viewers for.

Strange Creature

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