World Cup Match is Fixed by Salman Butt

World cup match got fixed by Salman Butt, the opener which was banned for match fixing earlier. The left hand cricketer was in the middle when Pakistan needed only 11 runs in the last over against New Zealand. New Zealand bowlers were not sure if they could defend it since Pakistan cricket team only lost six wickets and they had four wickets including Salman Butt.

Video of world cup match between Pakistan and New Zealand was shared by some of the cricket fans when they said that Pakistan lost that match due to under performance of Salman Butt since Pakistan team was in full control of the match. They could have easily won as they had just lost six wickets and needed only 11 runs while one of the main batsmen Salman Butt was there.

Due to the good bowling of New Zealand bowlers, they were able to restrict Pakistanis but Salman Butt also was not able to hit the scoring shots that were required at that moment in the last over. Pakistani spinner faced the last bowl from New Zealand main bowler who made him lift the ball that ended up in the hands of the fielder.

New Zealand won that world cup match which looked to be in the control of the batting side since their opener Salman Butt was still not out batting in the last over. On the second last ball he was made to take a single that took the spinner on the strike on the last delivery. The bowler of New Zealand cricket team bowled very tight line to dismiss him.

That world cup win for New Zealand team was kind of shock to the cricketing fans of Pakistan since they were winning it comfortable until the last over bowled. People had seen that debacle and they said that it was all done by the batsman Salman Butt who intentionally did not want the win for the Pakistan cricket team.

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