Wonderful Reception of King Shahid Afridi

Wonderful reception was given to the all round and current cricketer of Pakistan team Shahid Afridi when he went to visit the village of Attock on the request of his friends. He was given respect there as a King had come to their village. They all tried to shake hand with him. Shahid Afridi was also grateful to all the supporters who respected the cricketer very much.

Amazing reception was seen since the people living there in Attock considered Shahid Afridi as their hero and the King. The all round cricketer Shahid Afridi went there in that village since one of his friends asked him to visit that place because of the huge fame of him. As the car of Shahid Afridi arrived in that village, people started to gather around his car and kept on throwing roses on his car.

The star cricketer has been loved and cherished by all the residents of northern areas since he was the only cricketer out of those areas who has represented their province at the international level. According to him, his brother used to play first class cricket and that thing had impressed him to start playing cricket.

Such reception has been given to the person who belonged to the elite class but the video showed that cricketer Shahid Afridi was not less than a King for those people who loved him. All the supporters of that area came to meet him in the house where he was there as a guest. They kept on taking pictures with him and then they started to take their meal.

Video of reception was recorded by the fans who wanted to capture the moments of their beloved cricketer. Shahid Afridi also thanked them for giving so much respect to him and loved him. He continued to shake hands with all the fans that gathered around his car.

King Shahid Afridi Reception

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