Women Get Treated Badly by Fake Peer

Women got treated badly by the fake peer and the news went viral on electronic media. Social media also raise the issue as some youngsters made a video to highlight the issue of the society where ladies got ruined by the fake peer. The video showed that such fake peer did not have any art or education to cure the disease of the ladies of the society yet ladies have been going to him.

Women of the society did not mind getting badly treated by such fake peer. The recent report on the media showed that although fake peer has been caught many times by the police men yet the ladies of the society never stopped going to him. They thought him to be the perfect man as compared to the doctors of the society.

A short documentary on the fake peer was shown on the electronic media by the news anchor of the private channel. He showed that some ladies of the society which did not have literacy rate got pregnant by fake peer. The news anchor got the video of the painful incident when the fake peer treated badly those ladies.

Many women had complained against such peer who treated them badly but the police men did not take any action since they have been getting some money from the fake peer. Society did not accept such report on the fake peer and the news anchor told the viewers that it was all due to the lack of education. Lack of education destroyed the character of the ladies of the society.

Women have been treated unfair by the fake peer in the society and then they went to the policemen. The fake peer has been doing business and he did not have any idea what sort of disease he was curing. It all depended on the knowledge and the mentality of the ladies of the society who did not understand despite of the fact that was told by the news anchor.

Fake Peer

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