Women Get Fool by Fake Peer

Women have been getting fool by the fake peer in the society. Afore mentioned issue has been on raise these days as the fake peer has been ripping off the money of the poor people. This has been the worst issue of the modern society. It has been happening in the society that had ladies with less education. Due to the illiteracy of the society fake peer has been fooling such ladies.

Innocent women have been going to such peer since they thought him to be the best man who could give the remedy of the diseases. Despite of the fact that the society provided many educated people who could give proper guidance for the diseases but poor and innocent ladies had the tendency to got such illiterate fake peer.

The recent video that was made by some youngsters, who tried to raise awareness among the ladies and the people, was a lesson for the people so that the society should beware of such fake peer. There were many videos of such fake peer who just treated ladies badly and have fooled them quite a lot. The policemen have raided number of times but still there were number of such fake peer.

Women rights were forgotten by such fake peer and the ladies have been getting fooled. There were many awareness campaigns that went on the media so that people of the society should be aware of the fact that such fake peer did not have any idea how to cure the disease. A news anchor also exposed such fake peer on the media.

Women were getting pregnant on the name of treatment by that fake peer. The news report showed that such disease has been increasing among the society and nobody was able to control it due to the involvement of the policemen with that fake peer.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/xOGGq

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