A Woman Gets Brian Lara Out

Brian Lara got out in a most surprising and embarrassing way when a woman got him out by caught behind and stump as well. That match was being organized and played for some charity purpose so it had all the players from different teams. That charity match had women cricketers as well. Retired cricketers were also part of that charity match in which the left hander got stumped.

Brian Lara has been quite brilliant throughout his career and he was the one who score four hundred in test match cricket. In that charity match the left arm batsman wanted to give a big heave towards off side but the ball went to the wicket keeper after getting a fine edge of the bat. The lady bowler celebrated the wicket of the champion.

That charity match was organized by the boards of Australia since the board along with the players wanted to raise money for the charity purpose. The woman was selected from the women cricket team. Other players from the bowling side also got surprised that a world class batsman could be caught behind off the bowling of a lady bowler.

Brian Lara had the ear microphone in his ears so that he could have a chat with the commentators. The moment he got out stumped he started to walk and never looked back or towards the umpire since he knew that he had touched the ball. The women bowler had medium pace but she deceived the left hand batsman with her variation.

Brian Lara did not mind getting out since he knew that it was a charity match and was being played for the charity purpose. Some of the supporters laughed at the dismissal of him since a woman got him out for the first time in his entire career. The left hand batsman also felt bit of embarrassing but he did not want to take it too seriously.

Brian Lara Gets Out by Woman

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