West Indies Players Dance with Stewardess

West Indies players danced with the female stewardesses there after they won the world cup. Their celebration has been tremendous and the whole world wanted them to win the world cup so that they could see their celebration. All the players including Bravo who has been in India for many times enjoyed the dance with the ladies.

West Indies players had introduced new way of celebration by dance. Their recent video of dance celebration after the semi final win attracted lots of people. They got to find new fans courtesy their dance celebration. All the cricket supporters loved them for their celebration and dance party. This time around after the match winning presentation they started dancing with stewardess.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/6XlMY

All the female ladies who were there celebrated the victory of their players. They also enjoyed their victory. The video was also shared on the social media network. People from all over the world respected their team since they had issues regarding finances with their cricket board still they managed to raise their cricket.

West Indian all rounder Bravo was there too in the celebration with the stewardess. They felt like they had won the whole world. The most important thing about their country was that they stunned the whole world by winning three major cups in the same year. At the celebration dance party all the ladies who were there started dancing favorite song of the Bravo.

West Indian coach along with the assisting panel was also there celebrating the victory. They turned out to be the champions in three major tournaments. Their women team won the world cup one day ago and they also won the under nineteen world cup. But recent dance with stewardess gave everybody the pleasure after celebration.

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