West Indies Players Celebrate with Ladies

West Indies Players celebrated their winning party by dancing with the stewardesses after they lifted the trophy. The ladies also enjoyed very much dancing with Bravo and company. Their celebration was liked by so many supporters back at home and all over the world. Female stewardess enjoyed the company of all the players.

West Indies team deserved to be the champions in the cricketing world since they worked really hard to be at that position. The most impressive thing about their men and women was that they had issues with the cricket board yet they showed the world that they had all the qualities to be the best in the world.

The recent video that touched the hearts of the cricket fans was their celebration with the stewardess when they danced with the female. The ladies also enjoyed dancing with Bravo and other players as well. They have been loved by the cricket fans and supporters all around the world due to their joyful dance.

West Indies players had different way of celebrating their victories. Their dances in the middle of the ground after getting wickets have attracted lots of people out there in the middle and back at home who were watching them on the TV as well. Female stewardess loved dancing with Bravo and company.  The video was seen by lots of females back at their home.

West Indies coach and the helping staff was also there at the presentation ceremony and they all felt like they had conquered the whole world. The dance celebration with the stewardess also was something that was taken positive by the people who loved their cricket. The captain of their team was very much pleased to lift the both the trophies with his hand. The other trophy was won by their women team a day ago.

Stewardess Dance with Bravo and company

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