West Indies Bowler Makes Fun of Shane Watson

West Indies bowler made fun of Shane Watson when he was facing the right arm bowler Russell. That match was being organized in the Indian premier league. Andre Russell started to bowl to Shane Watson who was ready to play shot but in the mid way of the run up the bowler stopped for a moment that made the batsman preparing to leave the ball.

West Indies bowler bowled a delivery that was supposed to be not bowled and he bowled it quite reluctantly. The batsman got bamboozled by the delivery and thought of not playing it since Shane Watson was not ready. Shane Watson was quite surprised to see that the umpire did not signal any dead ball.

The umpire was convinced that the bowler did bowl the ball to Shane Watson and it was his responsibility to play the ball. The replay also showed that the bowler Andre Russell did stop before going to bowl but continued with completing the action and bowled the ball to the Australian batsman. Shane Watson left the ball and decided not to play any shot because he thought that the bowler would not bowl.

West Indies bowler Andre Russell got succeeded in bowling the dot ball to the opener of the opposition in a match that was part of Indian Premier League. This was the most amazing incident of the cricket history where the ball was bowled when the batsman was not ready since the bowler stopped before nearing the umpire.

West Indies bowler’s surprising ball got the attention of the news channels throughout the Indian premier League. The umpire consulted with the leg umpire to call the bowl legal since Shane Watson complained for the ball to be given illegal and dead. The umpire did agree with the bowler Andre Russell and called the ball legal.

West Indies Bowler Fools Shane Watson

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