West Indies Bowler Fools Shane Watson

West Indies bowler fooled Shane Watson the Australian Batsman in the Indian premier league match. The incident happened in India when Andre Russell was bowling to Australian batsman Shane Watson. He pretended to stop when he reached to the umpire while running to bowl. Shane Watson thought that the bowler had trouble with his run up and was not going to bowl so he also gave up playing the shot.

West Indies has produced some funny cricketers and Andre Russell has been one of those cricketers. He has made fun of the Australian batsman when he tried to deceive Shane Watson. The bowler stopped in the mid way when he reached near the umpire as if he was not going to ball to Shane Watson. The opening batsman of Australia team thought that he should back out and as if he was leaving the ball.

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The bowler was sharp enough to continue running in the same way and did not stop there. He reached near the umpire but bowled the ball in the same motion. The batsman Shane Watson then got surprised when he just gave up playing the ball since he thought the Andre Russell was not ready to ball. The ball went passed the opener and went to the wicket keeper gloves.

West Indies bowler only pretended to be not bowling but he bowled the ball which was left easily by the batsman. Shane Watson was quite surprised to see this thing and complained to the umpire that he just gave up playing the shot since the bowler stopped in the mid day.

West Indies bowler Andre Russell got succeeded in fooling the Australian batsman by bowling a dot ball to Shane Watson. The umpire said that Andre Russell did bowl the ball to him which was left by him.

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