West Indian Player Gets Yorker From Shahid Afridi

West Indian all round cricketer Andre Russell got the ball from Shahid Afridi in the Caribbean premier league that was unplayable for him. Shahid Afridi bowled him a yorker and the speed of that yorker was not less than the speed of any medium fast bowler. Andre Russell fell on the ground as the yorker hit him on his feet. Luckily Andre Russel was not given out Leg before wicket.

West Indian cricketer had played many leagues all over the cricketing world but never faced any spinner like Shahid Afridi who could bowl yorker at that speed. He himself was very surprised when he fell down on the wicket. The wicket keeper was also surprised with the pace of Shahid Afridi since he had to collect the ball if the batsman failed to touch the cricket ball.

Caribbean cricket league had many incidents that surprised the players and the cricket fans. Another surprising incident took place when Pakistan’s left hand batsman hit eighteen ball fifteen and he got fame from Pakistan as well. Andre Russell on the other hand had been the star in the world cup matches that were played in India.

West Indian players surprised everybody when they won the world cup by beating England in the final. Andre Russell was the man who took the game away from India in the semi final while their other batsman won the match in the last over while Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi could not make any mark in the world.

West Indian players celebrated their victory in style and their dance video went viral all over the internet. This was the celebration they needed since they were not backed up by their cricket board. Shahid Afridi was also very happy for them since their players including Andre Russell and Sammy were part of their Pakistan super league. Andre Russell on the other side played for the team that won the Pakistan super league.

Andre Russell Gets Dangerous Yorker from Shahid Afridi

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