Wasim Akram Gets Attacked in India

Wasim Akram the legend of Pakistan cricket team was attacked by some people in India on the Live TV when he was giving his expert opinions yesterday. The incident happened last night when he was giving interview from the studio. The program was being telecasted live on the channel in India. The footage showed that during the interview some people had entered where the cricketer was sitting.

Legend Wasim Akram was also shocked at the intruders who then disconnected all the connections with the anchor person. The anchor person of the Live TV also got confused at the sudden reaction of the star bowler of Pakistan. The current tension between both the countries raised many questions as far as the security was concerned.

Pakistan cricket team was also not sure before the start of the tournament that they would go there without any threats. With the intervene of the foreign ministers the tour of the world cup became possible. The cricket team has safely returned home after and early loss in the world cup. Commentators including Ramiz Raja and the Pakistan star former fast bowler remained there for the semi finals and finals.

News of Wasim Akram attack became viral in Pakistan and all over the world where the cricket has been watched since everybody knew how the security threats have been worrying the whole of Pakistanis. The recent attack on the Live TV might increase the security issues for the cricketers and the commentators as well who have been coming from other countries.

Wasim Akram was one of the cricketers who played the cricket game with lot of fame and he had received respect for his extra ordinary performance with both ball and the bat. He had given interviews on different news channels in India on Live TV but nothing such had ever happened before. The recent situation raised question marks on the security issues of India.

Wasim Akram Attack

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