Wasim Akram Faces Trouble in India

Wasim Akram faced trouble in India during the interview when some people entered in his studio and attacked him. The footage was being shared on the social media last night. He was telling his views about the latest win of India against the Australians. Right at that time while he was on air, some of the people could be seen entering and stopping him.

Wasim Akram has been staying in India since he had the contract with the Live TV for commentating and giving expert opinions. He has been liked and respected very much by the Indian crowd in India. The recent incident was quite shocking for him and the Pakistani people as well. It has been said that the incident was done by the some people who did not like good relations with Indian and Pakistan.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/7hHuA

Live TV was being shown on private news channel and many people were watching that program live on TV. The host of the program of India was also surprised to see the sudden entrance of some people. The live transmission from left arm fast bowler also got disconnected. The host could not know what had really happened with the legend.

Wasim Akram has been in the news in Pakistan too when same kind of incident happened with him while he was going in his car from the cricket academy. However he remained safe in that incident. The current attack on Live TV was not that kind of attack and it could worsen the relations with in the both countries.

Media manager of Wasim Akram has not updated his current situation yet but all the Pakistanis and his fans in India are really hopeful for his security. The left armer has been living in India for many years now. He has given his services as a coach in one of the cricket leagues that have been played in India.

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