Wasim Akram Cricketer Gets Found in Pakistan

Wasim Akram Cricketer was found in Pakistan who surprised with his swing and fast bowling everybody. He got five wickets for just nine runs in the cricket tournament that was played in Lahore. Left arm fast bowler was as sharp as the left arm legend. He did not only have five important wickets but also got the crucial wicket of Captain Misbah for zero.

Wasim Akram Cricketer was also surprised to see that swing in the cricket tournament played in Lahore. He said that he had never seen such swing bowling from a fast bowler after him and Muhammad Amir. Usman was his name and after getting five wickets in the cricket tournament, he got the attention of the selectors.

After that cricket tournament performance, Usman was picked up by the selectors straight after that performance. Left arm fast bowler was able to swing the ball on a wicket that had some moisture in the pitch. Fast bowler was lucky enough that he was selected after only one performance. Unfortunately he could not swing as much as he used to get in the cricket tournament.

Wasim Akram cricketer said that it was too early for him to be selected after only one performance in the cricket tournament. In the international match the left arm fast bowler could not impress the selectors since he was wayward in his bowling action and also did not swing the ball after the cricket tournament.

Wasim Akram cricketer was very pleased after seeing him in the international match and was related to him. Usman was then dropped by the selectors after giving him only one chance in which he could not prove to be talent that could be used at international level. Left arm fast bowler was really disappointed for not cashing the opportunity that he got after only one match.

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