Waqar Younis Brilliant Bowling Against England

Waqar Younis Brilliant Bowling Against England got him 7 Wickets. The anchor of the program showed him the clip of the interview of Abdul Razaq where he criticized the coach of the current cricket team. The guest who had played wonderfully well during his cricketing days had an answer to his critic all rounder.

Waqar Younis has been named the head coach of the Pakistan cricket team for the third time since the team did not perform well in the coaching of other coaches. He has brought in some youngsters in the side so that they could do well for the country at the international lever. Abdul Razaq has been in the news since Pakistan could not perform well in the world cup matches.

Many supporters and fans of Abdul Razaq wanted him to be back in the side at least in the shorter format of the matches. Many news channels have been airing programs on the great all rounder that has served the cricket Pakistan at his very best. He had won many matches alone. Anchor invited the head coach of Pakistan cricket team in his program and started questions.

Waqar Younis heard all the questions by the anchor with great patience and then replied each and every question with strong logic. According to him the cricket of Abdul Razaq was finished and he was not performing well in the team when the great bowler was the coach at that time. He further said that when he was the coach and he was not considered for the selection, afterwards Abdul Razaq was also not able to get back in the side.

Waqar Younis said that Abdul Razaq did not deserve a place in the side since his cricket was finished and he wanted to bring new players who still had to be exposed on the international arena. He further said that he was not being the captain of the side. The anchor asked him many tough questions. Anchor did not say anything bad about both the cricketers.

Waqar Younis Career Best Bowling

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