Wahab Riaz Bowls Deadly Bouncer to Moeen

Wahab Riaz Bowls Deadly Bouncer to Moeen. Umpire warned and called off the match since he early gave a warning to the Pakistani left arm fast bowler for not bowling deadly and dangerous bouncers to the number eleven batsman of the opposition. The opposition was left with only wicket to defend the match. Wasim Akram was at his very best as far as his bowling speed was concerned and he was taking wickets at that time.

Despite of Umpire warning the captain of Pakistan cricket team asked Wasim Akram to continue his fiery spell. He got the warning but on the very next ball he hit the batsman on his helmet again. The worst bouncers were being faced by the number eleven since his bowling was very dangerous. Javed Miandad came to rescue and asked Wasim Akram to ignore the warning.

That was the most surprising incident that ever happened in the history of cricket. All the players of the Pakistan cricket team were then called outside by the captain Javed Miandad. The captain argued that there was no rule of stopping Wasim Akram from bowling bouncers at the number eleven batsman. Although both the balls before and after the warning hit the helmet yet the batsman felt alright.

Umpire fought with both bowler and the captain of the Pakistan team and made a harsh decision by taking off the bails of the stumps and calling off the match that was one wicket away from the result. Wasim Akram stood on his position and said to his captain that he had received the illegal warnings.

The decision of Umpire was so harsh that everybody started talking about it. The commentators were also very surprised by his reaction. They had their say that Wasim Akram should have been continued bowling any delivery whether it could be bouncers or Yorkers. The video of those dangerous bouncers were shared and watched on the social media many times.

Wahab  Riaz bouncer

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