Wahab Riaz Bowls Bouncer

Wahab Riaz Bowls Bouncer. Umpire gave many warnings to legend Wasim Akram for the cricket bouncers to the number eleven player. Wasim Akram was very quick in his early days and was bowling with lots of pace. Javed Miandad was the captain of the Pakistan team. The left arm fast bowler bowled a bouncer to the opposition number eleven batsmen.

Umpire gave a warning to Wasim Akram for not bowling dangerous bouncers to the batsman. Javed Miandad asked the left arm fast bowler to continue bowling dangerous deliveries since Pakistan needed one wicket to win the match. The left arm pacer of the Pakistan team asked his captain if he should stop bowling those dangerous deliveries at the batsman but he refused and asked him to carry on.

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That match was played when Wasim Akram just started his cricket for Pakistan team and he was on top of his bowling and pace. He used to scare the batsmen with his brutal Yorkers and bouncers. In that particular match he was bowling really fast and kept on scaring batsmen. Pakistan team was about to win that match and needed only one wicket.

Umpire asked Wasim Akram and Captain Javed Miandad not to bowl that sort of deliveries since it could hurt people. The batsman was wearing helmet but still the bowling pace of the left arm fast bowler was so quick that it hardly gave any chance to keep his head under the bowl. The batsman was hit on the helmet on the previous ball yet he was able to face the next ball.

Umpire then took off the bails of the wickets when Wasim Akram again went against the warning of him. Javed Miandad agreed with him and took his team off the field. He kept on saying to him that he had every right to bowl the bouncers since there was no rule that could stop him from bowling bouncers.

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