Virat Kohli Gets Three Chances

Virat Kohli got three chances on four balls during the world cup match between India and West Indies. The top batsman of the Indian cricket team was quite lucky during his innings of eighty nine. Some of the supporters said that the match was planned and fixed during the world cup cricket tournament. Indian cricket team had made 192 runs in their full twenty over.

Virat Kohli has been the main player for the India cricket team. He had been the back bone for them just like the great Tendulkar. Giving him those many chances have been the town talk and people started to think the match was fixed. Such chances could tilt the match easily from West Indies to India. The experts in the past said that the India have been planning their matches.

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The recent run outs that were missed by the West Indies fielder raised doubts in the minds of public and they could not believe what was happening in the crucial match of the world cup. One of another example that has been given by the supporters of the cricket that the umpire did not give no ball at first instance but when the main player of the India asked, the umpire signaled no ball.

Virat Kohli was very excited that his call for no ball was accepted by the umpire and the West Indies bowler was not happy with the decision of the umpire. Such important matches have been blamed to be fixed in the past as well. Nobody could reject the questions that have been raised by the supporters of West Indies.

Wicket of Virat Kohli was very important and West Indies team knew that it could be very tough to win the match from India if they did not get the main player out. Main player of India cricket team had been in tremendous batting form and all the players from opposition got scared of his wicket.

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