Virat Kohli Gets Insulted Ever

Virat Kohli Gets Insulted Ever when he defended the free hit ball. This was the most shocking shot that was ever played on the free hit despite of the fact that nobody could get him out other than run out. This defense of the India cricket team player raised so any suspicions in the minds of the cricket supporters.

Virat Kohli did strange act that was never done before since the introduction of that free hit. Free hit was introduced so that the batsman could take the advantage of bowler mistake. The cricket history never had such incident before. Strong middle order cricket batsman gave a shock to everyone. The commentators of India also got confused over the strange reaction of the batsman.

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India players have been playing very good cricket in the recent time and they knew the advantage of the use of the free hit. The bowler of the Bangladesh cricket team bowled a no ball just before that free hit. The umpire gave a decision for the free hit. Crowd of India was quite excited at the free hit signal by the umpire in that world cricket cup match.

Virat Kohli was expected by every supporter to play a huge shot so that he could get maximum runs on that free hit ball. The strange defensive shot by the player of India did something that was never done by any player in the history of cricket. Some experts said that it was kind of Match fixing but the International cricket council would never take any action of that incident.

Virat Kohli did not react strangely as he defended the free hit ball. He was pretending like as if nothing strange had happened on the ball. Right after the free hit defensive shot that was played by the player of India, some other players from the dressing room came out with the message from the captain of India through water break.

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