Virat Kohli Gets Humiliated

Virat Kohli Gets Humiliated when he defended it as if he was there to survive the delivery. This was the most suspicious shot that was ever played by a cricket player. This has raised so any questions about fixing the match. Spot fixing has been the real cause of the repute of the cricket sport and many players were found involved in it.

Virat Kohli has been the best batsman of India all over the world at the moment. He had all the shots in the cricket book that was ever played by any player. The experts and the cricket commentators said that he had played all the shots that were played in the cricket history by any best player. The strange defensive shot was played by that man who has been really liked by crow by India.

Match fixing has been the real issue in the cricket world at the moment as many players were found to be involved in that issue. The strange shot by the cricket player of India showed that there were some suspicious activities involved in the batting of India player. The crow was shouting before the defensive shot.

Virat Kohli was supposed to play the big shot on that free hit ball. They all were silent the moment their best batsman of India just checked his shot by a defensive push. Crowd raised some queries and some cricket critics also said that it was part of the match fixing. They had never seen such strange shot on the free hit ball in their entire life.

Free hit played by Virat Kohli in India was the most attractive issue for the social media. That video has been deleted on the social site since the India cricket board did not want that video that has been criticized on the match fixing issue. The batsman of India has been unable to satisfy the crow of India who had been there in the cricket stadium to witness huge six on the free hit ball.

Virat Kohli Will Never Forget This

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