Virat Kohli Comes Out Lucky

Virat Kohli came out to be very lucky during his innings of 89 runs. He was not out and got many chances for getting out but the West Indies did not get the opportunity to run him out. Some suspicious chances gave the impressions to the supporters all over the world that the match between India and West Indies has not been played fair.

Virat Kohli was in great touch throughout the world cup for India cricket team. As soon as the right hander came to the crease, the crowd had gone crazy since they have been considering him as god of cricket. He had won lots of matches in the world cup for the India cricket team. The current innings which raised doubts of match fixing in the minds of supporters of other cricketing nations, had many chances that were let off by West Indies.

Some of the occasions also gave a notion that the umpires were also being biased in that match against West Indies. One of the bowlers of West Indies cricket team bowled a bouncer to the right hander which he could not play. The umpire at first instance did not give no ball but as soon as the main player of India turned towards umpire and inquired him, the umpire spread his arms to signal no ball.

Virat Kohli wicket was very important for India cricket team to win the match and kick the West Indies out of the semi final of the world cup. By the missed chances in the match It looked like as if both the teams were not playing fair cricket since West Indies cricket team left many chances to run him out. The commentators were also surprised.

Virat Kohli dismissal looked a dream to the fans of cricket that were supporting West Indies cricket team. The fans of India were quite happy to see their best team player staying there in the middle and getting the job done for the country of India.

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