Video of Cricket Sixes by Shahid Afridi

Cricket Sixes, that were hit by Shahid Afridi were recorded by one of the fans who was watching him playing in the ground. The rare video was shared on the social media that was recorded by one of the mobile phones owned by a fan. The media coverage was not available there since the star all rounder was playing with his friends at an open ground in northern area.

Shahid Afridi Cricket Sixes amazed the viewers and the fans that were present there at the ground. This was the most interesting rare video that was not watched on TV. If the media people had known that Shahid Afridi was playing with his friends, they must have reached there to give that innings coverage. The video showed that he hit the ball really hard.

He has great followings and has got many friends in the northern areas. Shahid Afridi with his friends decided to go to the ground when there was not official match was scheduled. No media person got to know the news about it otherwise they must have followed him into that ground and started to cover for the media publicity.

Cricket Sixes hit by Shahid Afridi have become quite viral on the social media since he has been liked by all over the world. Many cricketers had said that they could not have got that much fame since he was blessed with a real talent. The video was watched by many supporters of Shahid Afridi.

Huge Crickets Sixes were seen at that ground where played against his friends in northern areas. Despite of the fact that they all played the game with the tape ball yet all the supporters enjoyed the big hitting of the super star of Pakistan. Everybody was enjoying as if they were playing international cricket and the match was given Television coverage.

Rare Hitting of Shahid Afridi

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