University Incident Surprises World

University incident raised so many doubts in the human rights for the Muslim community in the country of India when a Muslim student was tortured and beaten up by other students badly. The video was also released on the social media that showed the real face of the Indian officials who have been claiming to protect the human rights of each and every citizen.

The university student reported to be a Muslim boy was treated with lots of beating by the students in their premises when other students had a fight with him. He was alone and tried to escape but the students were great in numbers and never let him go anywhere. The Muslim boy did not do anything wrong but the other students got angry on him.

The police men have also assured to penalize the culprits despite of the fact that the many of the police men were preset there at the same location where that cruel incident took place. The video could show that how cruel was the group of students who never got pity on the innocent Muslim boy. The video was disliked by lots of people who also belonged to Indian country.

That university was supposed to teach the lesson of being equal in all aspects but the latest video of Muslim boy getting beaten up raise many questions to the officials of India. The police men have been unable to find the suspects despite of the fact that they had the video clip of that incident which was recorded by one of the students who was also present there.

University was supposed to be the place where all the students expected the lesson of human rights but they all broke the rules and that were supposed to give all the Muslim people who were living in India with fear. Police men intentionally have been misguiding the media of penalizing the students who were involved in that incident.

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