University Girls Fight

One of the famous girls university became battle field when some of the girls acted shamefully, started abusing and beating each other. The incident was a rare one happened in a government university. The video of the incident of student girls fighting each other was made by a girl who was also present when that particular incident took place.

The university management took notice of the incident and fined both of the students for messing up the reputation of the institution. It was a fine day when the management of the institute decided to give relief to all students’ right after when they were finished with their exams and had very good result. Everybody was enjoying the day until this shameful act happened.

Some of the girls have this habit of making fun of others as they pretend to be very clever. At times they cross their all limit of fun while teasing the other person. But some of the girls and boys can bear this kind of stuff for only short period of time. The time when their patience start to finish they respond back in the same way.

This shameful act of university student not only harmed the reputation of the institute but it also messed up the day for other female student girls as well. Couple of girls was making fun of their junior class fellow. But she could only bear this humiliation for a short time and then she responded in the same tone.

University management was not present at the time when this incident started otherwise it might have not been of that mess. Both the female students started to abuse each other and when they got angry they started to fight each other. It seemed to be a battlefield for some time until their friends entered to peace out the situation and calm them down.
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