University Boy Gets Bad Treatment

University boy got treated badly in India when a group of people consisting on Indian students started beating him in the University area. The video of that incident was shared and recorded by one of the students who were present there. Even he could not save him from the community of Indian citizens who were Hindus.

University boy tried to escape from the situation but he was alone and he had to face the treatment of students who were really angry. The reports have said that the young student who was beaten by the group of the other students belonged to a Muslim community. The treatment that he received from the other students was something that was highlighted and condemned by all group of people over the world.

The incident took place in the area where the police men were also called but the quantity of those students were so high that even police men could not do anything for the young student. All the students got really angry on that student who was supposed to be a Muslim guy. This was not the first incident that happened in India, there have been many videos and incidents that have been reported.

The university student was alone and could not do anything except of just hiding his face with his arms but the others students kept on beating him hard. The reporters of the different channels have been called in to cover the whole story of the incidents that happened in that area. Police men told the media that all the students had a fight with that young student who was a Muslim boy.

University was closed for a long period of time and still that young student has been fighting with his life in the hospital. The police men said that they have been investigating the story and the culprits will sure get punished.

Indian Beating Muslim

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