Umpire Sister Loses Life During Live Match

Umpire sister lost her life during the ongoing live match of the Pakistan Cup. The match was stopped for a moment and the replacement was given for him. The sad incident happened right between the match was being played in the city of Faisalabad. The referee informed the commentators the reason of match being stopped.

Umpire could not continue organizing the match of the Pakistan cup when he was told by his home mates that he had lost his beloved sister. He could not understand what has happened to her but he had to leave the ground and reach the home to meet his family. The commentators and the others spectators were really worried about the match when it was stopped.

The match of the Pakistan cup was stopped but the people could not understand the reason of the match to be stopped. During the live match this sort of incident had happened for the very first time and the man who was organizing the match had to discontinue the match. It was the tragedy that was quite shocking for the players as well.

The umpire was being treated as someone who was bereaved and all the players playing the match of the Pakistan cup gave their condole senses to the man who was just going through a tragedy.  A replacement was arranged by the match referee when the man who was supposed to be in the ground in his absence came out in the middle.

Third umpire had to take his position so that match of the Pakistan cup could be continued. The video of that incident was shown live on the TV and the supporters of the cricket Pakistan felt really bad for that person. He left the ground and the pavilion with sore eyes as if he had not slept for many days. The news got viral all over the internet.

Umpire Lost Her Sister

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