Cricket Umpire Goes Through Tragedy

Cricket Umpire of the Pakistan Cup had gone through a tragedy when her sister lost her life. The sudden incident was quite sad for the man who was organizing the match. The match was stopped for a while and the replacement was sent in. He had to leave the ground to reach at his home for the sudden shock for their family.

Local Umpire who was standing in the match of the Pakistan Cup was shocked when he was told by the officials of the match organizers that his sister had died. He could not stop his tears running down from his eyed. The sudden tragedy in his family was really shocking for everybody. He had left he cricket field to reach to his family as soon as possible.

The commentators could not understand the reason for the match to be stopped during the Pakistan cup. They thought that one of the light towers stopped functioning so the cameraman kept on capturing the light towers while the match was stopped. One of the officials then informed the commentators that a tragedy had happened in the family of the official man.

The umpire could not face anybody but he looked to be very brave that he heard the news very bravely. He then went out of the boundary line and stood outside the pavilion for quite some time while discussing the matter with the other people. Pakistan cup has been played in the city of Faisalabad and the match was being telecasted live on TV.

Strange incident with Umpire really saddened the whole crowd and the all the players who were playing that match of the Pakistan cup. They all wanted to say some nice words so that he could feel relaxed despite of the fact that it was something very sad for him and for his whole family. Sooner or later he had to go back to his family so he left the ground.

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