Umer Akmal Smashes 5 Sixes in Domestic

Umer Akmal Smashes 5 Sixes in Domestic . He was the only batsman who scored that quick fifty from Pakistan cricket team. Indian on the other hand did not have any dangerous bowler who could restrict the middle order batsman when he was in full flow.

Fifty in Hong Kong super sixes tournament by Umer Akmal earned him lots of respect in the tournament by the commentators and the people who had come there to watch the match between Pakistan and India. In that innings against India, he was retired since there was a rule that asked everybody to go to the pavilion once he score over thirty runs.

Pakistani team lost wickets so in the last over Umer Akmal had to return to the crease since he could bat when all the five batsmen got out. Umer Akmal started his innings where he left and started to hit sixes to the bowlers of India. On the last delivery of the innings his score of forty six and he needed one boundary to score the fastest fifty of the tournament.

Hong Kong super sixes tournament happened to be the tournament where Umer Akmal score the fastest fifty despite of the fact that it was not an international match. Due to the pressure on the bowler of India on the last ball, Umer Akmal lifted the ball towards leg side for a huge hit that sailed into the stadium. That hit brought up the fastest fifty of the tournament. He completed his innings against India.

Pakistan played good in Hong Kong super sixes tournament. They had been going to take part in that tournament with all the national players who had represented the country at international level. Umer Akmal was also the key man who had been playing for Pakistan cricket team as well.

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