Umer Akmal Pretends To Be Sad

Umer Akmal pretended to be sad right at the time when the camera captured his face during the match against Australia. The Camera was supposed to be focused on the skipper Shahid Afridi that showed him quite sad and thinking about the loss in a crucial match. The right handed batsman who was sitting behind Shahid Afridi did not know that the camera was on their faces and they could be seen on the big screen.

Umer Akmal tried to make the viewers believe that he was also feeling for the country’s loss in the world cup. He has been criticized for forming grouping in the team with the help of other key members of the side likes of Hafeez and Malik. Shahid Afridi hinted the same thing in the press conference too when he had serious doubts about his performance in the team.


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Shahid Afridi has been loved by the whole nation back at home due to his hard hitting batting and the true sportsmanship for the country in the game of cricket. He has been named captain of the side since the departure of Misbahul Haq. At that time some of the cricket players of the Pakistan cricket team were not happy with the decision of the board.

Umer Akmal has been part of the many controversies in the Pakistan cricket team. The recent footage of the acting he did on the camera showed every one his real face. His brother Kamran Akmal was also one of the man who was alleged to be involved in the match fixing. Both brothers wanted to keep their positions in the side despite of the poor performance.

Umer Akmal was also named by the captain Shahid Afridi when he was asked about the failures of the Pakistan cricket team in the world cup. The captain said that the selector selected some players who did not deserve to be in the team despite of their poor show in the recent cricket.

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