Umer Akmal Cricketer Defence on No Balls Raises Doubts

Umer Akmal Cricketer was pointed out by the team management previously when the knowingly backed out of the one day international match just before it was going to start. He said that he had some injury so he could not participate in the international match. The doctor of the touring committee had said that according to his reports and tests, there was no evidence of any injury. The recent Pakistan cup was held to know the fitness level of the cricketers in the domestic cricket.

Performance of Umer Akmal Cricketers has not been up to the required one at international level. He was asked by the newly appointed chief selector to play the local domestic Pakistan cup so that he could justify his place in the national side. Some critics had said during the world cup that he along with Muhammad Hafeez had planned to under perform under Shahid Afridi Captaincy.

Pakistan cup has been introduced in the domestic cricket cup so that all the Pakistani international players could prepare themselves for upcoming tours. The whole idea was taken from the Pakistan super league that has been the really hit story as far as Pakistan cricket board. Domestic cricket has not the focus point of the cricket board and the management.

The commentators said about Umer Akmal Cricketer that he looked to be not active in the middle of the ground. The former cricketers had really raised the points for bringing Pakistan cricket back to its track. The newly chief selector of Pakistan team has urged the cricket board chairman to help him in organizing more matches like Pakistan cup in the domestic cricket.

Umer Akmal Cricketer might have been worrying about his mother who was in hospital in critical condition few days age. People have been saying that the middle order batsman then needed to take a rest so that he could focus on cricket.

Umer Akmal Misses No Balls

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