Umer Akmal Acts on Camera

Umer Akmal acted when the camera was focusing him and the skipper Shahid Afridi. The captain of the Pakistan cricket team was quite tense at that moment and seemed to be thinking about his retirement and the early exit of the team from the world cup. Middle order batsman who was blamed to be the included in the grouping of the team against Shahid Afridi did not look sad until the camera focused his face.

Umer Akmal did not notice at the start of the footage but as soon as he looked at the big screen he got to know that he was being shown there. The camera was showing the dejected players specially Shahid Afridi but the controversial player was sitting right behind the captain and did not look to take any notice of the camera until he watched their faces on the big screen.

The footage of the camera showed that at the start he was not caring about the situation Pakistan cricket team was going through. As the camera focused the whole bench, it could clearly be seen that the middle order batsman suddenly changed his expression and tried to act in a way that he was quite sad.

Umer Akmal did not show such bad attitude for the first time. He was earlier objected by the inquiry committee who put him guilty for making fake injury just for the sake of his elder brother. He at that time also tried to pretend to be sick while the doctors showed everybody that his medical reports was clear and he did not have any sort of injury.

Umer Akmal talked to the media about the criticism and questions about his involvement in the grouping against the captain Shahid Afridi, but he denied such rumors. He said that thing when the camera man also recorded that video in the press conference. He said that he has been playing his heart out for the sake of the country and he could not do such stuff with the nation.

Umer Akmal Acting on Camera

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