TV Host Points Out Odds of Society

TV host Waqar Zaka has been coming in the news on the social media for his unethical behavior in the TV shows but recent video that was shared so many times was about a decent act that he pointed out of the society. Bad act of the society that has been ruining the whole society and the especially the youth was something really shocking for the whole community on the social media about the women.

News of TV Host exposing the ill deeds of the society was watched by so many people on the social media. Due to the notorious fame of Waqar Zaka so many people criticized him for asking and behaving very indecent with the lady who was caught by him for doing ill deeds. He kept that lady sitting in the car with him until she apologized and committed not to stand on the roads next time.

Other ladies were also pointed out by the lady who was caught by Waqar Zaka when she offered to go out with him and do something indecent just for the sake of money. She said that she did not want to do it willingly but it was the need of the money that was needed at the home for the livelihood of the family members.

The video by TV host that exposed the bad deeds of the society was appreciated by the police men when that lady was taken by Waqar Zaka to the police station. He complained to the men there who then asked the lady to write the undertaking on a paper that she would never do that again as it was the wrong deeds and ruining the whole society. The lady kept on weeping and asked for the apology.

TV host was also criticized by some people for exposing her to the police station and misbehaving with that lady despite of the fact that she had apologized for many times during the whole footage that was made by her. Waqar Zaka has been making some video for the social media to raise some awareness among the society so that it did not go further into danger.

TV Host Catches Three Women for Wrong Deeds

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