TV Host Catches Women Doing Immoral Activities

TV host Waqar Zaka caught red handed three women who were doing immoral activities in the society. Famous anchor of the private channel was driving in his car on the weekend. The recent activity of catching three women doing indecent activities was planned by him for stopping them to do that act. He went out on the roads to see those women since many complaints were reported about such females.

The famous TV Host caught a lady who was asking him to go out for indecent act and asking for the money. According to Waqar Zaka those ladies have been running that business of doing shameful acts just to take money from some people. This sort of business has been run by a group of ladies who have been forcing men to choose the wrong path and astray from the right path in the society.

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The whole incident was captured by the camera of the Waqar Zaka who has been known for some unethical behavior in his TV shows but this time around he tried to point out some immoral acts of the society that has been ruining the youth of the country. The video showed that he caught a lady who was standing on the road in a society for money and in return she was agreed to go out for indecent act as well.

TV host asked many straight forward questions to the lady who was ready to go out with Waqar Zaka for immoral activity. The lady said that she was feeling regretful and she told Waqar Zaka that she has been doing such act since she did not have any money at home and she had no job to earn for the livelihood of the family. She also had a kid at home who did not know about the act of the lady.

TV Host Waqar Zaka took that lady to the police station and asked the policemen to tell her consequences of the acts she has been doing and she might be put in the jail for doing that pathetic work. The woman apologized for her action and promised to not to do that unethical work again.

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