Trainer Gets Attacked by furious Crocodile

A furious crocodile attacked its trainer when it tried to play some tricks with the animal of the animal planet. The furious animal was not alone in fact the trainer was between three to four animals of this type. He has been training with these animals but this time he was wee bit unlucky as the animal got annoyed as the trainer got too close to the animals.

The crocodile attacking its trainer was not the first incident of that type where the dangerous animals attacked their trainers. This sort of incidents happened in the past as well. Some young boys, who were standing near to them, recorded video footage of the incident as well. They also got terrified by the sudden attack of the animal.

The incident spread the fear among the spectators who had been watching this event very closely. They could not help the trainer from attack. The rescue services reached in time and they had to use different skills to get rid of the trainer from the strangle hold of the furious animal. Although the man known for his daring stunts with animals, was very famous for his bravery yet he could not combat with them.

Crocodile has been one of the rare animals which never gave ultimatum to its enemy. It has power to swallow big reptiles and animals in no time. It has lot of power and has the potential to squeeze its enemy so it could lose its life. There have been many videos of such animal where some of its family members ate big cows and goats alive.

The crocodile was sitting still along with its other family member near the bank of the sea and people were busy in capturing the stunts of the trainer who had done that sort of events before and never had any attack from any animal in the past. But this time he was unlucky to get attacked, however he was rescued by the rescue team that was present there.

Crocodile Attack

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