Traffic Signal Gets Broken by Shahid Afridi

Traffic signal got broken by the hit of Shahid Afridi in a match that was being played in Canada. The huge hit by Shahid Afridi amazed everybody including the commentators. The supporters in Canada had come to see the big hitting of Shahid Afridi since they knew there would be huge shots all around the stadium. Other players also were there but they could not hit huge sixes.

Rare traffic signal of Canada outside the cricket stadium got damaged by the huge hit of the Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi has been the super star for all the people living outside Pakistan and also in Canada. The recent incident happened when Pakistan had gone to play some matches against Indian in the neutral ground of Canada.

He had hit sixes out of the cricket stadium when he came to the international cricket arena in Kenya. People had seen him only in the videos but the fans living in Canada were able to witness him. The fans sitting in the cricket stadium had to beware of the cricket ball since it was being hit towards them in the cricket stadium.

Cricket ball hit that traffic signal and it was broken. The vehicles and the driving way on the road got troubled. The umpire was also quite surprised that the ball has been sent out of the cricket stadium since Afridi was hitting it with great power that he had generated. It was the country of Canada where the match was played and some residents of Canada also were able to watch their hero in the field of cricket stadium.

Unusual traffic signal breakage news was quite surprising for the people living in Canada. They had never seen such batting talent of Shahid Afridi in the field of cricket. The cricket stadium was almost full since Pakistan was playing against their rivals. People of India had also come there to see their cricket stars.

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