Toxic Snake Fight To Survive with Eagle

Toxic snake of the water fought really hard with Eagle to survive as it was being taken for the meal by the hunter eagle. The eagle caught it from the surface of the water. The toxic snake lived all its life under water and it became really difficult to survive once it was taken out of the water. The bird was really hungry so was its baby.

The wild Eagle has been doing hunting Toxic snake for its and its baby meal since it has been their favorite thing to eat. The babies were hungry so it had to get some meal for them. As the reptile came out of the water to find some extra meal apart from that was kept in the water, it was grabbed by the hunter bird.

The bird took it to the air where their fight began but with the toxic snake was unable to remain and survive out of water so it became the victim of the wild bird of the wild life. The fought really hard in the air and it looked as if the snake might get rid of the grip of the bird but it never happened.

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