Test Cricket Pitch Gets Worsen

Test cricket pitch got deteriorated the other day when England and Australia played against each other. The ball spun a lot that surprised every player of England and Australia. Even the umpire could not figure it out. The fans in the stadium started to complain about the pitch and said that that pitch should not have been used for the matches.

Test cricket has been the real test of everything that was required for a class player. Real supporters and fans of this sport used to come and witness it in the stadium but due to the bad conditions of the pitches some matches were called off by the umpire. Another pitch was criticized in the match between Australia and England.

The bowler bowled a delivery that pitched in the middle of the pitch to the right hander. The batsman started to follow the ball by taking his front foot forward. The ball deviated a lot and went towards the leg slip fieldsman. The batsman and the fielder were really amazed to see that huge turn off the wicket. Such worst conditions made umpire think of calling the match off.

Test cricket match between Australia and England has been liked by many fans living there but it has been watched a lot by all the fans all over the media. The video graphics showed that how much the ball traveled and spun after pitching in that whole in the wicket. The wicket looked absolutely dangerous for players who were batting on that wicket.

Highlights of test cricket match that was played with high class performance from both the countries, gave a real entertainment to each and every spectator all over the globe. The players of Australia and England were too reluctant to play the shots on that difficult track that was playing alright on the first day.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/sc6D8

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