Test Cricket Gets Played on Dangerous Wicket

Test cricket was played on a pitch that changed into very dangerous wicket. That ball started to spin miles off the pitch. The video of that spinning track could be seen on the social media. The bowler was too amazed at the spin that turned more than a yard. The commentators started to get shocked after watching that huge break off the pitch.

Test cricket pitch scared the batsmen of England and Australia when they were playing wonderful cricket. Both the teams did not go through any bad conditions on the initial days of that sport. After couple of days the pitch started to deteriorate and the ball also started to grip. The batting pitch started to look like a dangerous pitch to bat on.

Some of the matches in the past were called off by the umpires since the pitch also got dangerous with the passage of time. The players also did not feel comfortable on playing such pitches. Some of the balls really gripped and deceived the batsman completely. England team was batting at that moment when one of the spinners of Australia bowled a ball in the middle stump.

Test cricket ball turned hugely on that track. The wicket keeper and the batsman started to look towards the umpire and hoped that the umpire would take a notice of it. The umpire just watched the ball till it went to the leg spin fieldsman. He then spread his arms towards outside and called it a wide ball. The batsman of England was expecting something huge from the umpire.

Umpire of test cricket match did not agree with the looks of the batsman who wanted him to take some tough decisions on that pitch that could harm anybody.  The satisfied thing about that moment was that the spinner was bowling on that pitch rather than the fast bowler which could hurt any batsman. Bowler of Australia cricket team did not expect that much turn from him.


Dangerous Test Match Pitch

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