Sunil Narine Makes History

Sunil Narine made history when he bowled an amazing super over. He had to defend the eleven runs in the Caribbean premier league when the match was played in West Indies. The bowler of West Indies cricket team had played many international matches but nobody would have ever thought that he could not only restrict the batsman but also could bowl the maiden super over.

Super over of Sunil Narine was the most amazing over that the world cricket had ever seen. The batting side never lost hope until they were left with only one delivery. The batsman of the batting side in the Caribbean premier league in the ground of West Indies kept on trying hard to hit the ball hard but the bowler had different stories.

The ball of the spinner bamboozled the batsman as he did not have any clue of the ball as where it was going. In fact he lost his ability to understand the direction of the ball. The pitch of West Indies ground was used for Caribbean premier league but it did not have any help for the fast bowlers. The spinners had got some turn out of the pitch.

Sunil Narine was chosen to bowl in the super over since everybody knew that he was the most difficult bowler of the whole league. During his super over, the commentators also tried to tell that he was not less than a magician. He bowled some magnificent deliveries that could not be understood by the batsman who was not mug with the bat in the pitches of West Indies during Caribbean premier league.

Spinner Sunil Narine had the different sort of action that could trouble the batsman easily. Nobody could pick his ball whether it was going to leave the left hander batsman or was it going to come back to the left hander of the West Indies. The crowd really appreciated the fine effort of the spinner in the Caribbean premier league.

Sunil Narine Amazing Super Over

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