Sunil Narine Bowls Maiden Super Over

Sunil Narine the spinner of West Indies cricket team amazed the whole world when he had to bowl the super over in the Caribbean Premier league in West Indies. His team scored eleven runs in the super over and he was chosen by the captain to bowl the super over. Everyone expected sensational hitting from the batting side but the spin bowler of Caribbean premier league bowled the maiden super over and surprised the batsman.

Sunil Narine has been wonderful bowler in the shorter format in the cricket leagues all over the world. That particular match was played in West Indies in the Caribbean premier league. The match was tied and it has to be decided in the super over that was to be bowled by the right arm spinner when his team set a target of twelve runs in the over.

The fielding team had never thought that they would win that match of the Caribbean premier league straight and the batting side would not be able to score even a single run. The super of the right spinner in the West Indies ground surprised the whole world as it was the most peculiar over that was ever bowled in the cricket history.

Sunil Narine was once banned from bowling in the international arena when the umpire had called that he had suspect action. His action was then verified and he had to remodel his action while bowling those deliveries. The bowler of West Indies could not play for his country and also in the Caribbean premier league.

Sunil Narine also had been playing in the Indian premier league and he was also considered to be the best player in that league too. In the upcoming edition of the Indian premier league he has been selected by a team but with the new action. He still has to play in the Caribbean premier league in West Indies.

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