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Strange Creature Shocks World. Sahir Lodhi did immoral act with the guest of the morning show when he kissed the Reema Khan. Reema Khan has been the female famous actress in the past and got married some time ago. The host of the morning show has been seen doing some immoral and unethical acts with the guest in his morning show program.

Sahir Lodhi surprised the audience and the female guest Reema Khan who never expected such stupid activity from the host of the morning show. The host and the guest Reema Khan had wonderful discussion regarding the showbiz industry but in the mid of the discussion the host got up and started to embrace her.

The female guest did not mind at all but the viewers who were present there and who were watching the morning show live on the entertainment channel did not like it. The incident was reported to the electronic media authority that has been having a check and balance. Viewers were really annoyed at the cheap act of the host with the female guest.

Sahir Lodhi had wonderful friendly relations with the guest of the morning show but she did not like the act of kissing. The scene of the morning show was shared on the social media so that the officials of the censor board could have a look at that act of the host of the morning show. The viewers have given different comments about the scene that was disliked by them.

Sahir Lodhi has been emerging as the famous morning show host of the entertainment channels and he has been offered many offers for hosting the morning show on different channels. The recent act of his with the female guest Reema Khan was disliked by many people and they said that such scene of cheap acts should not have been aired live.

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