Strange Action Of IPL Bowler Surprises People

Strange action of IPL bowler surprised people in the whole world. The bowler really bowled differently and it looked like he was a crazy bowler of the cricket world. He also looked like another bowler from South Africa. The crowd in the stadium could not believe as they thought that he was somebody not from this planet.

Amazing IPL bowler came up to the scene when he bowled with a similar sort of action that of South Africa. Paul Adams used to bowl with the same action. Crowd sitting in stadium got shocked to see such crazy action. They all said that he had a mad style of action. South Africa players were also part of the team that was playing in the Indian premier league.

Players of South Africa also started talking about him. With his strange bowling style, the batsmen were feeling really awkward while playing against him. Youngsters sitting in the stadium could not keep their eyes away from him since he was able to get two wickets in his first match of the season. He impressed the selectors with his bowling technique.

That IPL bowler had to go to the boundary line for the fielding purpose and the young people sitting in the stadium kept on asking him to take picture with him. During his spell of bowling in the Indian premier league, the bowler did get lots of fan following. People were really excited to see him bowling in the Indian premier league.

IPL bowler was impressed with the bowling action of South Africa china man bowler Paul Adams. Bowler of South Africa was contacted about another bower with the similar action. With his two wickets in the Indian premier league, he got some fame as many of the cricketers who were playing against him started to appreciate him.

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