Steve Waugh Gets Stopped for Winning Runs

Steve Waugh got stopped for winnings runs in the match when they needed four runs on the last ball. Insane crowd of West Indies came in the ground to stop the match. The batsman of Australia was surrounded by the crowd who were not letting him go out of the ground. It was the most horrible moment of the cricket match that was ever played in history.

Steve Waugh got in trouble when he was caught by the crowd of West Indies in the middle of the pitch. He along with another player of Australia was surrounded by the people of West Indies who had come there to watch the match in the cricket stadium. It all happened on the last ball of the match when they needed to take three runs to tie the match.

Strange incident got the attention of the people all over the stadium and the world. Both the batsmen were running for the runs to win the match but at the same time people had come from the stadium to the middle of the pitch to take off the stumps and stop the match from going in the favor of Australia. Nobody knew what was going there until the security people went there to save their players.

Steve Waugh stood there in the middle of the pitch while the other fielders and player of West Indies had gone towards to pavilion to avoid any situation. The situation could have gone worst if the security staff had not come there to save the players of Australia cricket team from those people who were in real anger.

Steve Waugh was quite dejected at the end of the match since he had fought really hard to take the game towards the last ball of the match against the West Indies in their home ground. Australia players were all praising the effort of their middle order batsman.

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