South Africa Plays Thriller Against New Zealand

South Africa played thriller semi final against the young New Zealand team that ended in a surprising win for the black caps. The match was watched by so many cricket supporters all over the globe since it was the thriller of the world cup 2015. It went all the way to the last over and nobody could guess who would win the semi final of the world cup.

South Africa played with lots of passion in that world cup semi final. Their effort brought them closer in the second last over of the match but unfortunately they could not finish if off in style. On the other hand New Zealand batsman won the heart of the cricket fans when he finished the match by hitting the big six off the bowling of fastest bowler of the opposition.

Dale Stayne has bowled outstanding throughout the world cup and he was expected to save the runs in the last over as well that was crucial for both the teams since it was a semi final match of the world cup. On the second last ball of the match the batting side of New Zealand needed only five runs. All the bowlers were quite confident of the bowling of their pace man.

South Africa happened to be on the losing side in the semi final of the world cup match for the second time as it happened with them previously well. New Zealand cricket team came out to be the winner of that thriller semi final world cup match by scoring six on the second last delivery of the match. Their middle order batsman was appreciated by all the people.

Fielders of South Africa team missed many opportunities in the later part of the world cup match. They dropped couple of important catches and missed run outs as well. On the other hand New Zealand cricket team took full advantage of those given chances and they cashed on to the victory. Commentators and crowd were absolutely ecstatic at the win of New Zealand in the world cup semi final.

South Africa vs New Zealand Thriller 2015 by rehanalichohan

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