South Africa Cricketer Smashes Century

South Africa Cricketer Smashes Century and the commentators with his ability to play left hand. He has been batting right handed since he started his international career for South Africa. He has emerged as the top best cricketer among the international players. He amazed everyone with his cricketing skills when he played left handed against Australia in Australia.

AB Devilliers played a little cameo in that test match against the Australia team who had many dangerous fast bowlers in their side but nobody could make any trouble for him. Other players of South Africa team also got the confidence by the batting of the right hander who started playing with left hand.

Some of the shots were played by him in the test match looked to be proper cricketing shots by any left hand batsman. The commentators of Australia and South Africa said that nobody could guess that he was a genuine right hand batsman before that innings that he played left handed. The video showed that during his fifty runs he played proper cricketing shots.

AB Devilliers kept all the bowlers thinking and made them work hard to get him out. He played some brilliant shots left handed off the bowling of the main spinner of Australia. The news of the star batsman playing left hand cricketing shots had gone viral and all the cricketing legends of both the teams admired that young man.

Innings of AB Devilliers was perfect lesson for the youngsters who have been playing left handed shots. Before that innings against Australia, the right hand batsman of South Africa used to play sweep shots a lot and all the players including his own countrymen thought that he had all the skills to be a left hander batsman.  That innings seconded the views of those cricketers.

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