South Africa Batsman Gets Out in Rare Way

South Africa batsman got out in a rare way when he was playing in the Indian premier league in India. His team needed only six runs on three balls and he was batting in a very good nick. Despite of the good bowling of the bowlers, they were not able to get him. He was caught in the deep with a magnificent catch by the fielder to dismiss him.

South Africa has been the team that has produced very good young cricketers that have played many good innings at the top level. During the Indian premier league one of their batsmen has produced outstanding performance. Young bowlers of India during that league were unable to get him out since he was in very good form.

The commentators were also appreciating the efforts of him in the Indian premier league. That mach has almost been finished by him until a spectacular catch was taken by the fielder at the boundary to dismiss the greats of cricket of the team. The bowler was also jubilant after the effort of that catch that was taken by the fielder.

South Africa batsman could have been got rid of in only that way when he was in good form. All the spectators who were sitting in the stadium appreciated the form and batting of that player who was very difficult to run out. He was the man who broke the world record of scoring fastest hundred in one day international cricket.

South Africa fans were really proud of him since he held the record of the fastest century that was ever made by batsman. He was doing really well in the Indian premier league and the young pacers of India had to learn the art to get him out. They could not do so since the fielder had shown his skill to catch him and get him out.

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